Desktop CNC plasma cutting machine

Desktop CNC plasma/flame cutting machine A high speed, precision, small into one of the desktop cutting machine. Adopt man-machine interface, easy installation, simple operation, small inertia, stable operation. Especially suitable for medium and thin non-ferrous metal plate, stainless steel and carbon steel plate automatic cutting. It can be designed into smoking table or underwater cutting table according to customer requirements to meet the requirements of manufacturing.

Desktop CNC plasma cutting machine: An Overview

The Desktop CNC Plasma/Flame Cutting Machine stands as a testament to innovation and technology. It brilliantly combines high speed, precision, and a compact desktop design, perfect for achieving intricate cuts on various materials.

General Description: Employing a user-friendly interface, this machine offers ease of installation, simple operations, minimal inertia, and a stable operational experience. It’s particularly adept at automatically cutting medium and thin non-ferrous metal plates, stainless steel, and carbon steel plates. Based on customer requirements, it can be designed as either a smoking table or an underwater cutting table, ensuring a tailored fit for manufacturing needs.

Its utility is diverse, finding applications in numerous sectors such as sheet metal processing, aerospace, electronics, appliances, food machinery, engineering machinery, precision parts, metallurgical equipment, elevators, crafts, tool processing, decoration, advertising, and a plethora of other manufacturing industries.

Key Features:

  1. Robust Construction: The machine is constructed with a steel structure, welded to perfection. It undergoes overall tempering to eliminate welding stresses, ensuring a performance that is stable and reliable. Accompanied by an independent system control cabinet, it offers high automation levels, ease of operation, and easy maintenance.
  2. Unique Environment-friendly Design: This machine is fitted with a distinctive smoke and dust removal device. Additionally, it boasts an exhaust cutting table and a slag storage device, promoting a cleaner working environment.
  3. Advanced CNC System: The CNC ion/flame cutting system can intricately cut any plane shape, comprising both straight lines and arcs. Graphics are displayed dynamically and statically, making it intuitive and easy to grasp. You can either program directly on the machine or use a computer. Moreover, CAD files can be converted to G code files and transferred via a U disk for automatic cutting.
  4. Versatility: This equipment is used across multiple sectors like automobile manufacturing, marine production, ventilation, kitchen cabinets, steel structure processing, advertising cutting, engineering machinery, aerospace, decoration, and many more.
  5. Environmentally Considerate: The machine possesses a unique smoking dust removal feature, in addition to an exhaust cutting table and a slag storage device, which ensures a clean and safe working atmosphere.
  6. Precision Cutting: With a high-response sensitivity arc pressure height regulator, the machine automatically adjusts cutting distance, ensuring a flawless cut every time.
  7. Customizable Power Supply: Users can equip the machine with various plasma power supplies, tailored to the cutting needs of different metal materials.

In essence, the Desktop CNC Plasma Cutting Machine is a technological marvel, designed to cater to precision cutting needs across a multitude of industries, promising efficiency and reliability.

The system comes with 48 reference graphs

You can edit the size of each shape and the number of cuts you want to make

The system comes with 48 benchmark graphics
The system comes with 48 benchmark graphics

Cut sample display

Applied to, steel plate blanking, accurate cutting a variety of special-shaped workpiece and other cutting purposes

The system comes with 48 reference graphs

Desktop CNC plasma cutting machine detail display

Independent control cabinet

Easy to move, simple system operation, can realize a variety of graphics and text processing.

Independent control cabinet

Cutting table

The workbench is equipped with a sink to reduce soot pollution. Surface serrated design, reduce the cutting process to the workbench damage.

Cutting workbench

Rigid design

After secondary aging treatment, fully eliminate the internal stress. The machine tool accuracy is stable for a long time to ensure the cutting accuracy.

Design of rigidity

Two-sided drive

Bilateral drive adopts symmetrical processing, stable center of gravity, to ensure a good dynamic balance.

Bilateral drive

Plasma power supply

Brand: Huayuan, Haibao and other brand power supply optional, stable performance, long service life.

Desktop plasma CNC cutting machine Performance introduction:

Desktop CNC plasma/flame cutting machine product parameters

Desktop CNC plasma cutting machine model selection:

Model 1325 1530 2040
Working size 1300*2500mm 1500*3000mm 2000*4000mm
Adjustable Height of cutting torch 100mm
Driving mode Double side driving  with marking head
Lifting station One set for plasma cutting torch
Precision of rise and fall ±0.2mm
Precision of line position ±0.4mm/10m
Transmission system X,Y Taiwan AMT high-precision,zero clearance increased linear guide+ rack
Z the arc voltage control
No-load travel speed 15000mm/min
Working voltage 3~ 220/50HZ
Control system Beijing START plasma cutting system
Shanghai Fangling Plasma cutting system
Software support Starcam, FASTCAM,AutoCAD
Instruction format G code
Drive system Stepper motor or Panasonic Servo motor
Plasma power Chinese Huayuan brand plasma powers 40A to 400A
Power cutting thickness 0.3mm to 30mm


plasma cutting parameters
huayuan power Plasma Generator Quality Cutting Maximum Cutting
63A 8mm 12mm
100A/120A 18mm 25mm
160A 25mm 35mm
200A 30mm 40mm
hypertherm power 45A 5mm 8mm
65A 8mm 15mm
85A 12mm 20mm
105A 15mm 25mm
200A 30mm 40mm
Note: cutting stainless steel is recommended on carbon steel standard basis, minus 3-5 mm, as standard

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