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Plasma-cutting machines are widely used in various industries such as automobiles, locomotives, pressure vessels, chemical machinery, nuclear industry, general machinery, construction machinery, and steel structures.

Actually, according to the using method, there are many types of plasma cutting machines, but today’s special guest is a portable plasma cutter.

A portable plasma cutting machine is a new type of thermal cutting equipment, and it is very practical. Its working principle is to use compressed air as the working gas and high-temperature and high-speed plasma arc as the heat source to partially melt the metal to be cut, and at the same time blow away the melted metal with high-speed airflow to form a narrow slit.

This cutting machine is very convenient to use, you can even know this by its name, and the effect is also very good, so more and more people start to use it.

Performance of portable plasma cutters

A portable plasma cutting machine is a high-tech cutting tool, which adopts plasma cutting technology and can cut various metal materials into desired shapes in a short time. The main performance of this cutting machine includes the following aspects:

1. Fast-cutting speed

Portable plasma cutters use a high-frequency plasma arc to cut metal materials into desired shapes in a short time. The cutting speed of this cutting machine is very fast, which can greatly improve work efficiency.

2. High-cutting precision

The portable plasma cutting machine adopts digital control technology, which can be precisely controlled according to the required cutting shape, so as to ensure cutting accuracy. The cutting precision of this cutting machine is very high, which can meet the cutting needs of various precision requirements.

3. Easy to use

The portable plasma cutting machine is small in size and light in weight, making it very easy to carry and use. The operation of this cutting machine is simple, you only need to follow the steps in the manual to complete the cutting work easily.

4. High security

The portable plasma cutting machine adopts multiple safety protection measures, such as overload protection, overheat protection, etc., which can ensure safety during use. This cutting machine is very safe and can effectively avoid accidents.

Advantages of portable plasma

1. Fully automatic and semi-automatic cutting dual mode selection.

2. Digital precise control of cutting length.

3. The portable plasma cutting machine is easy to operate.

4. Fast cutting speed, narrow slit, smooth incision.

5. Portable plasma cutting machine has low workpiece deformation and easy operation.

This video will show you how to operate a Jiuying portable plasma cutter. Come and look!

Here are some tips about how to use it:

  • Preparations:

Before using the portable plasma cutting machine, you need to make preparations, including cleaning the work area, wearing protective equipment, and checking whether the equipment is working properly.

  • Adjust the current and air pressure:

When cutting, it is necessary to adjust the current and air pressure of the cutting machine according to the type and thickness of the metal material. Generally, thicker metals require higher currents and air pressures, while thinner metals require lower currents and air pressures.

  • Cutting skills:

When cutting, you need to keep the cutting head at a certain angle in order to cut a smoother cut. At the same time, it is necessary to keep the distance between the cutting head and the metal plate to avoid excessive contact between the cutting head and the plate, resulting in excessive burning or damage.

  • Welding skills:

Portable plasma cutters can also be used for welding metals. When welding, it is necessary to ensure that the surface of the metal plate is clean, welding electrodes are added to both ends of the metal plate, and the current of the cutting machine is adjusted to an appropriate level for welding.

  • Safety precautions:

When using a portable plasma cutting machine, you need to pay attention to safety matters, such as wearing protective equipment, avoiding use in wet or flammable areas, and avoiding long-term use. At the same time, after the equipment stops running, wait for it to cool down completely before disassembling or cleaning it.

Now we have all learned about portable plasma cutters, but how do we choose the suitable cutting machine between plasma cutter and laser cutter?

The difference between a plasma cutter and a laser cutter

When the thickness of the metal sheet exceeds 20mm, the plasma cutting machine has more advantages than the laser cutting machine. The thicker the metal sheet, the higher the power required for laser cutting machine processing, and the equipment purchase cost will also increase significantly. Therefore, in the process of processing thick metal sheet materials, considering the comprehensive processing cost, efficiency, and effect, plasma cutting machines are ideal.

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