Portable Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine

Portable Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine has the advantages of portable and gantry cutting machine, compared with portable cutting width range is larger, cutting operation is more convenient, and compared with gantry cutting machine is more flexible, good cutting quality, small size error, suitable for cutting size and thickness of metal products without much demand.

Portable Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine Product introduction

Portable Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine is a new and upgraded version of the portable bee cutting machine, using a special standard aluminum alloy profile, both portable and the advantages of gantry, easy to install and move, cutting wider, smaller footprint. Adopt the whole ground rail type track structure, bilateral drive, more convenient and accurate installation than gantry machine, more stable than portable operation. The operation speed is fast, the noise is small, the precision is high. Standard models come with a remote control for easy remote operation.

Portable Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine Product details

Set the diamond high

Can manually complete the rise and fall, initial positioning, arc test and other functions, induction arc pressure size, automatic adjustment of the gun head and the plate spacing, to ensure the cutting effect, to prevent the plate uneven collision gun.

Built-in graphics

The system comes with 53 conventional graphics, each graphics can be arbitrarily edited, size and required quantity, can be a common side arrangement.

All-aluminum base

Chassis upgrade to all aluminum alloy integrated molding, more reasonable structure, more reliable strength, higher machining accuracy, 4 groups of increased V-shaped bearings, so that the operation is more stable.

Dual-purpose interface

Flame plasma dual-purpose cutting switch interface, clearly marked, faster connection operation.

Brand power supply

The use of domestic one-line brand high-power switching power supply, super stable performance, to ensure the continuous operation of the machine.

All-aluminum base

Chassis upgrade to all aluminum alloy integrated molding, more reasonable structure, more reliable strength, higher machining accuracy, 4 groups of increased V-shaped bearings, so that the operation is more stable.

Nylon tow chain

Industrial grade high strength nylon material, high and low temperature resistance, stable performance and long life, the pipeline placed in its effectively prevent damage and beautiful.

Wide track

High strength aluminum alloy molding, wear resistance is not easy to deformation long life, 7 grade precision rack, plated hard Luo optical shaft to ensure smooth operation and accuracy, double longitudinal rail gantry type transverse cutting up to 3 meters.

Limit lift

A new generation of screw lifting body, increase the upper and lower limit switch, avoid operation error damage lifting motor, plus cover protection, cutting gun jack,The Angle of the cutting gun fixture can be adjusted for straight groove cutting.

Portable Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine Product features:

Using Starte control system, programmable cutting line and arc structure of arbitrary complex plane graphics, high efficiency, low cost.

Personalized man-machine interface, powerful automatic programming nesting software, can directly read AUTO CAD format files, and into cutting procedures.

Compact structure, beautiful appearance, light weight, easy to move. Manual, automatic cutting, and stable motion, high cutting precision.

The cutting machine XY axis are made of high strength aviation aluminum, high precision, no deformation, beautiful and generous. Driven by 450A motor, with large torque and sufficient speed.

Standard model (cutting range) : A, 2230:2200X3000mm; B, 2260:2200X6000mm

Customizable models: C, 1500X3000/6000/12000mm D, 3000X3000/6000mm

Select beam length according to customer demand: 2230 type, 2260 type.

The servo system and drive system required by the product can be adjusted according to your needs, highlighting the tailored, focusing on the cost performance, not overpaying

Optional: Remote control, control distance of 30 meters, more convenient operation.
Optional: Plasma anti-collision gripper, when the cutting gun meets the steel plate will automatically stop, prevent the cutting gun crash, save cost.
Optional: Automatic flame igniter, avoid burning hands when using a lighter to ensure stability.
Can be equipped with a variety of power plasma power supply, such as 100A,130A 200A, etc., to achieve plasma cutting. Plasma cutting speed is 3-5 times of flame cutting speed, improve production efficiency.

Application industry

Portable Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine can cut iron plate, galvanized plate, stainless steel, titanium plate, low carbon steel, aluminum plate and other materials, widely used in shipbuilding, air duct, iron art, stove, automobile, agricultural machinery, plate blanking, pressure vessels, iron tower, railway, aviation and many other industries.

Portable Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine Cutting product display

Cutting product display


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