Do You Know The Waterjet Can Be Applied in Medical Surgeries?

water jet cutting

Water jet cutting technology

What is water jet?

Pressurize ordinary water and let her do cutting work under high-pressure conditions. Professionals call this pressurized water “high-pressure water cutting tool”, also known as a “water jet”. The blade of the water knife is this high-pressure flow, and her jet speed reaches 800-1000 meters per second. Its speed is equivalent to three times the speed of sound.

Detailed articles:

Water jet cutting technology can be applied in many fields

Waterjet is still a newcomer in the field of cutting technology. She has not been born for a long time, but she is indeed a “multi-talented” “all-rounder”. You have seen her active in the field of cutting crafts. But perhaps you do not know, she has also begun to show her skills on the medical front.

Water jet cutting technology is applied in surgeries

In the operating room of Huashan Hospital in Shanghai, China, the chief surgeon holds a “pen” in his hand. And water jets are shooting out of this “pen”. The surgeon is using this small water jet to replace the sharp surgical steel knife. Doing surgery.

This is a difficult operation – cutting a huge hemangioma in the liver, the lesion is not small. The operation can easily cause massive bleeding, and the risk is very high. Such a huge hepatic hemangioma cannot be completely removed by traditional means. After careful arrangements, the doctors formulated a careful operation plan and decided to use today’s advanced medical equipment – “water jet” for the operation. The water knife cooperated with the doctor to skillfully remove the necrotic liver of the patient. But after seeing the water knife, the tumor was quickly cut off. The blood in the blood vessel was stopped immediately as soon as it leaked out. The operation is neat and clean, which is amazing.

Not just in surgery, but in surgical debridement

Medical water jets have more advantages than traditional water jets in surgical debridement of open wounds. Compared with the traditional scalpel combined with high-voltage pulse debridement. This precise debridement using “water knife” technology can maximize the preservation of normal tissue, reduce wound expansion and bleeding, and thus accelerate the healing time.

“Waterjet” uses supersonic high-pressure saline water flow to move tangentially on the wound surface, which can quickly and accurately select, remove and suck back the devitalized tissue, bacteria, pollutants, and biofilm on the wound surface.

In addition, the water flow of the “waterjet” can be sucked back and the dirt is discharged together with the used water flow, which reduces the risk of introducing bacteria into normal tissues and shortens the surgical procedure. The debridement surgery that was required several times in the past can now be solved in one stop, and the pain of the patient is also reduced.

According to statistics, patients who use the “water knife” for debridement can reduce medical expenses by an average of 2,200 US dollars and the debridement time by 30 minutes. And patients can be discharged from the hospital an average of 3 days earlier. So this method beats others with no doubt.

The working principle of medical waterjet

Medical waterjet works on the same principle as an industrial waterjet. Since the pressure of the water jet can be adjusted arbitrarily, the water jet is superior to the traditional water jet in surgery. It can adjust different pressures according to the different hardness of blood vessels, muscles, nerves, and bones, which greatly reduces the possibility of accidental injury and enhances the safety and security of surgery.

Compared to other cutting technologies, waterjet is very young. But its application is not less than other cutting technologies. Its applications in industrial manufacturing, handicraft manufacturing, the medical industry, etc. are shining.


Water is such a magical thing in the natural world, it can give us lives, it can create a living world, and it can also be a green energy that can push the development of many fields.

There are many old sayings in China that come from water, such as the constant dripping of water wears through the rock. The knowledge from water can teach us how to be human beings, it can also help us to have a brain storm to create the wonderful waterjet.



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