Application of Water Cutting in The Aviation Industry


With the rapid development of the aviation industry starting from energy saving and environmental protection, new materials, and new processes. And new structures are in wide use, which brings new methods of manufacturing. The aviation manufacturing industry is a key application field of “Waterjet“.

Why is aerospace manufacturing an important application area for “waterjets”?

Waterjet cutting is a technique that uses high-pressure water jets mixed with abrasive materials to cut a variety of materials, including metals, ceramics, plastics, and composites. This versatile technique has gained popularity in recent years due to its many advantages over traditional cutting methods.

One of the main advantages of waterjet cutting is its versatility.

Waterjet can cut at any angle, producing parts with little or no manual machining around critical angles.

Waterjet is a cold-cutting technique, so there is no thermal damage to the material. Aerospace composites can be drilled and cut using abrasive waterjet technology without surface stripping.

The material composition of the aircraft

The outer shell

The outer shell of the aircraft mostly uses the material of steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, and carbon fiber materials. For this material, a large cutting machine, a 400MPa high-power high-pressure system. And a five-axis control cutting head is very useful for cutting and processing.

The skeleton’s structural parts

The fuselage, wings, landing gear, and other skeleton structural parts not only have high strength requirements but also need to reduce their own weight and reduce energy consumption under the condition of meeting the strength requirements. For this purpose, commonly used materials include alloy steel, stainless steel, Aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, carbon fiber, etc. From the tail of Boeing 777 and Airbus A380 to the wings of Boeing 7E7 and F117. From the turbine blades of jet engines to Apache helicopters, multifunctional water jet cutting machines and 400MPa high-power high-pressure systems can be used for these structural parts. The 5-axis cutting head is for the cutting process.

Ventilation system

The pipes and connecting flanges of the ventilation system often use the materials like titanium, aluminum alloy, and carbon fiber. For this material, a 400MPa medium and small power high-pressure system. A small and medium cutting machine and a general cutting head can be used for cutting as well.

The inner parts of the aircraft

These components such as interior decoration and seats mostly use the materials of aluminum alloy and engineering plastic seat brackets. The foam plastic is used as the pad, and chemical fiber fabrics, leather, and artificial leather are used as the foreskin. Robotic water jets (six-axis control), 400MPa medium and small power high-pressure systems, and pure water cutting heads can be used for cutting.

Aircraft doors and windows and other components

Aircraft doors, windows, and interior partitions use the materials like glass and laminated glass. Small and medium-sized cutting machines, 300~400MPa low-power high-pressure systems, general water cutting heads, or water cutting processing centers can be used for cutting and processing.

Advantages of water cutting

Waterjet cutting can cut through almost any material, no matter its thickness or hardness. This makes it an ideal solution for a wide range of industries and applications, from aerospace and automotive to medical and construction.

Another advantage of waterjet cutting is its precision. Waterjet cutters are capable of producing cuts with an accuracy of up to 0.005 inches, making them ideal for cutting complex shapes and designs. This precision also means that waterjet cutting creates minimal waste, which can save manufacturers a lot of money.

Waterjet cutting is also an environmentally friendly technology. Unlike traditional cutting methods such as laser or plasma cutting. Waterjet cutting produces no harmful fumes or particles, making it a safer and more sustainable option. Additionally, we can recycle the water used in the cutting process, making it a more environmentally friendly solution.

Waterjet cutting is also a fast and efficient process. With advancements in technology, waterjet cutters can now cut materials faster, reducing production time and increasing productivity.

The abrasive waterjet in waterjet cutting can be easily integrated with the waterjet robot, which greatly reduces fixtures, reduces capital investment. Waterjet cuts composites faster, lasts longer, produces no dust, is cleaner, safer, and increases productivity. and can quickly set up and change jobs.

The waterjet cutting material has almost no burr is the biggest feature of waterjet cutting. And people can often use the parts directly. No need to do the secondary grinding.

Water jetting is the future of precision cutting

In today’s fast-paced manufacturing industry, precision cutting is an essential part of the manufacturing process. From aerospace and automotive to medical and construction industries, the demand for high-precision components is growing rapidly. This is where waterjet cutting comes in.

In conclusion, waterjet cutting is the future of precision cutting. Its versatility, precision, environmental friendliness, and efficiency make it an ideal solution for a wide range of industries and applications. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect more advancements in waterjet cutting. And we can make it an even more important tool for manufacturers looking to improve their production processes.



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