Mechanical arm water jetting machine

The rack can travel up to four meters
CAM and other components drive other parts of the movement
Repeatable positioning accuracy of 0.2mm
The length of the arm is 565mm
The arm is offset by 75mm
The maximum handling mass of one arm is 2kg
Maximum speed of grab mechanism 8200mm/s

In the dynamic realm of manufacturing, the Mechanical Arm Water Jetting Machine stands as a testament to precision and efficiency. This innovation perfectly blends the prowess of robotic technology with the potency of water jetting. Dive deep with us to understand the anatomy, features, and unparalleled benefits of the Mechanical Arm Water Jetting Machine.

Machine Overview: Operational excellence defines the Mechanical Arm Water Jetting Machine. It functions based on a pre-set program from its meticulous control system. This Mechanical Arm Water Jetting Machine chiefly comprises three pivotal segments:

  1. Motion System: This is the heartbeat that drives the Mechanical Arm Water Jetting Machine’s intricate movements.
  2. Guiding Device: This part ensures that the Mechanical Arm Water Jetting Machine operates with precision.
  3. Arm: The Mechanical Arm Water Jetting Machine’s arm is the epicenter, making the actual cutting process possible.Mechanical Arm Water Jetting Machine

Mechanical arm water jetting machine Features:

  1. Cylinder Movement System: Operates smoothly within a pressure range of 0.6-1.0MPa.
  2. Rack Mobility: Capable of traveling up to four meters.
  3. Drive System: Components like CAM drive the movement of various parts.
  4. Precision: Features a repeatable positioning accuracy of 0.2mm.
  5. Robotic Arm:
    • Length: 565mm
    • Offset: 75mm
    • Handling Capacity: Can manage a mass of up to 2kg.
    • Speed: Boasts a maximum grabbing mechanism speed of 8200mm/s.

System Configuration:

The booster pump uses a thick-walled UHP long tube to consistently deliver water to the cutting head. Given its rigidity, it offers a large bending radius. Traditional 2-axis and 3-axis waterjet machines, perfect for 2D applications, can have expansive work areas. For intricate 3D parts, systems with up to 7 axes of motion are preferable.

The ultimate in 3D cutting is the robotic waterjet system. This can either hold the workpiece under a static waterjet cutting head or carry the waterjet cutting head itself, offering a versatile range of motion. Through intelligent design, this robotic system can access a vast array of positions on a workpiece, even working in tandem with other robots for heightened productivity.

The typical reach of a standard waterjet-integrated robot spans about 122 inches horizontally and roughly 200 inches vertically. All necessary components, like the nozzle, high-pressure tube, and abrasive hopper, are mounted on the robot itself.

Mechanical arm water jetting machine Benefits:

  1. Versatility: The machine is proficient in cutting varied materials, from soft ones like automotive interiors to harder materials like stone or metal.
  2. Smooth Edges: After cutting, edges are consistently smooth, negating the need for secondary finishing.
  3. No Heat Impact: Cold cutting ensures no thermal deformations.
  4. Extensive Application: From automotive to aerospace, its uses are varied and extensive.
  5. Unparalleled Flexibility: Capable of cutting a diverse range of materials without needing machine alterations.
  6. Reliability: Renowned for its accuracy and reliability.
  7. Cold Cutting Advantage: Ensures no heat-affected zones (HAZ) are created.
  8. Customization: Suitable for tailored cutting needs.

In essence, whether you’re eyeing the stone industry or large-scale automotive productions, the Mechanical Arm Water Jetting Machine is the epitome of adaptability, efficiency, and precision in cutting technology.

If you’re looking to revolutionize your manufacturing process and want a machine that matches your ambitions, don’t hesitate to make an inquiry. We are here to guide and provide the best solutions tailored to your us now!

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Dalian Jiuying Heavy Machine Co., Ltd. was established in 2015, focusing on sheet metal processing. At present, it mainly sells various metal cutting equipment, such as plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine, water jet, etc. We have strong project design and product development capabilities, and can also provide customers with customized production services.

Cutting machines produced by Jiuying Heavy Machine Co., Ltd. are widely used all over the world with its advanced technology and high cost performance. Our customers are all over the world.Our international markets currently include the United States, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, South Africa, etc.

Our company since its establishment, always adhere to the “customer first” principle, and will be unremitting spirit of innovation, leading professional technical strength, standard technology and standards, advanced manufacturing and testing technology and equipment, and continue to meet customer needs of production and manufacturing capacity.

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